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PIAA is a not-for-profit Professional Association for Property Investment Advice Professionals.  We began in 2002 as an Investors Association and have since developed into a professional association.

We follow the Financial Planning protocol for Advisor recognition including professional educational qualifications (PIA01); professional indemnity insurance; and membership of a professional association with a code of conduct and disciplinary protocols for unacceptable behavior.  Our membership is by invitation only to legally support the ethics of the association in this currently unregulated sector.

Our business standards are reflective of the Future of Financial Advice (FOFA).  They include clients’ best interest advice, full disclosure and appropriate management of all conflict of interests, full transparency on fees, and professionalism that includes factual market intelligence.  This is in stark contrast to the requirements of real estate law where the focus is on the property and the legal requirements for its transfer from one party to another.

PIAA currently offers
u391-4Professional Education:
The PIA01 course is a four day face to face programme that delivers;

  •  A proven business process to engage clients and deliver services,
  •  Risk profile and risk appetite frameworks to identify and address the needs of clients with suitable and    sustainable property solutions,
  •  Advisors skills to identify property investment opportunities from foundational principles with information  that is readily available in the public domain,
  •  A foundation of factual claims for investor decision making,
  •  A strong understanding of the advice sector, its business standards, ethics and compliance expectations, and
  •  Access to professional indemnity insurance for suitable graduates.

The course is held regularly in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and on a less frequent schedule in Adelaide and Perth.  The course assignment is to create a SOPIA (Statement of Property Investment Advice) as the end result of a series of client meetings and discussions.

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Course participants who enroll and don’t notify a change in attendance will not qualify for a refund but will be welcome to attend any future course

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