Demographics And Property Investment

By: Rosemary Johnston- Sunday, October 21, 2012

I like to do property research.  Yes, I am probably a property nerd when it comes to this part (and maybe more…).  Due diligence and I are good friends.  I like to go to the Department of Infrastructure and Planning in each State, track down Government authority reports such as the ports and airports, and read the annual reports of companies that have major projects in my targeted suburbs.  The demographic bit has always been my laziness as I found the websites so hard to work with.  Instead I would go to and take their limited representation, be frustrated by the lack of depth and move forward anyway.

Now there is a new tool.  A recent client showed me the new census data overview and I am impressed.  I now have one site I can go to that has all the population, housing occupancy, and people data in one place.  No more getting a degree in how to manage the census and estimate data with the rest of it to have a full view.  The last piece the employment data is due on the 30th October 2012 and I am ready and waiting.

In my excitable way I couldn’t wait to share this as the more we know the less risk in investing in property.   So here it is.