Electricity Gas 2014: Consumption Projections

By: Rosemary Johnston- Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Investment in appealing infrastructure has been a key capital growth driver for property. How do we look behind this to see further? Investment and consumption of electricity and gas give an insight into changing trends in society. Integration of them into our property investment strategy should assist to ensure its sustainable success and reduce uncertainty (risk).

The ESAA publish an annual report which has recently been commented on in the media. They state of their website:

Future investment in electricity generation

“While on the face of it, Appendix 2a (Post June 2013 new projects) has a long list of proposed power station projects, there is significant uncertainty over almost all of them, even those that have received planning approval. As such, the statuses should be taken as indicative rather than definitive, except in the case of those under construction or complete.”

Future consumption is also forecast to flatten and is attributed to the de industrialisation of the Australian economy.