Market Research: NAB quarterly residential property market

By: Rosemary Johnston – Friday, April 12, 2013

Many of us are searching for quality content to support our understanding of the property market. We need to evaluate the potential for capital growth and why different markets in Australia are performing better than others.  For many of us it is confirmation of why buying around the corner, although very comfortable, may not be the best option to support our goals.

Independent research with the evidence in the numbers is great to support this evaluation and its considerations.  NAB release a quarterly residential property update on the markets which helps us to consider the different markets and their potential opportunities. Their material has some facts which are great, and a survey of property professionals from various sectors and their opinions.

My favourite part is NAB’s modeling of the housing market and a forecast for average growth.  This reflects their understanding of their lending business with valuation evidence and has a very broad base in geography and large numbers of properties.