Property Investment Advice Brains Trust Considerations

By: Rosemary Johnston- Thursday, January 02, 2014

As a property investment advisor you need to have a brain’s trust of suitable advisors to support your client’s considered decision making.  For many that may be a solicitor, a mortgage broker, a real estate agent, and an accountant.  However financial planning and its specialist area of estate planning is also vital.  If your clients are going to make money and have funds to retire on, why not live on the income and preserve the assets for the next generations.  Decisions like this need to be planned with the end in mind and before the purchase.  This group on LinkedIn can give you an appreciation of the complications if things are not well planned.

Some investors begin presuming they will spend it all however many find after acquiring a few properties that it does work, it is not as easy as they imagined and they feel more passion about what they are doing it for and how to protect their assets for their future.