Property Investment Population Growth Update

By: Rosemary Johnston- Monday, October 29, 2012


The ABS also release quarterly updates.  The latest came out on 27th September 2012 and was until March 2012.

Western Australia has reached a whooping 3.1% and Queensland is back on track at 1.7%, ACT is still growing strongly at 1.9% and NSW is steady at 1%.  Remember you can click through to downloads and research interstate migration and other great insights.

So what does this mean, should we all rush off and invest in Western Australia or Queensland?  Really it all about the trend.  This release is not supporting us with information we can trend quickly.  Next time let’s look at the CommSec State of the States report that measures these figures to trends.  It reports how the trend is compared to average.  This is great to identify the potential for above average opportunity.  We can also study trends for steady growth which are lower risk in larger population areas, and changes in trends for opportunities.