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Becoming a member of PIAA will enhance to the professionalism of the industry, and:

  • Help to create sector best-practice business standards to support transparency and professionalism.  These need to meet the expectations of potential regulators; your business and referral partners; other advice professionals; and clients so they have confidence in property investment advice.
  • Help to promote the recognition of best practices through your business communication with clients, colleagues and other professionals.
  • Participate in a like-minded community.

Indicate your compliance with sector best practices as identify in the PIAA Code of Conduct and the PIA01 course thorough use of your PIAA Membership Logo.

Types of Membership

Certified and Accredited Memberships

PIAA is a professional association, created from the Property Investors Association of Australia, to steward Property Investment Advisors and the sector through the issues of running a business that supports the client’s best interests.  The current issues that PIAA supports are the business standards that enable delivery of professional credibility, an understanding of the current legal framework and the opportunity for future regulation, and the business requirements to work with their own and other advice professional’s regulatory and PI insurance requirements.

The philosophy of PIAA is to provide tools and information to support your professional credibility with your clients and your referral partners who may be financial planners, accountants, solicitors and mortgage brokers.  Ultimately we want you to be supporting investors to make better investment decisions.

Certified Advisor Membership

PIAA Certified Members have a minimum of PIA01 qualifications and may be working alone or under the supervision of an Accredited Advisor with Professional Indemnity insurance and the supporting business standards.  Some Certified Members may have PI insurance through recognition of other qualifications and business process skills.

Accredited Advisor Membership 

PIAA Accredited Advisors have PIA01, a real estate or sales person licence and RG146 General or Investment Advice qualifications.  These qualifications form the foundation of the PI insurance application.  Not all Accredited Advisors have PI insurance.

Associate Memberships

PIAA offers Associate Memberships to those interested in networking with this professional community, and those seeking to provide professional services to investors and other professionals as part of their talent bank.  Some Associate Members are in transition to becoming Certified or Accredited Members have completed their PIA01 course participation and have yet to complete their assignments.

International Associate Memberships

PIAA offers the opportunity for communities or individuals from the international property investment advice sector to participate or network with Australian Professionals

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Please note Certified and Accredited are voting Memberships and Associate Memberships are non voting.